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Vocabulary on «Health»

Set 1: Fitness


part of speech:noun
meaning:good physical condition
collocations:in/out of shape

stay in shape

get back into shape

example:I knew I was out of shape when I started getting out of breath running up the stairs.


part of speech:adjective
meaning:describing a firm and strong body
collocations:toned body/muscles

toned legs/arms/abs

example:There’s no denying that in order to have a toned body you need to exercise regularly.


part of speech:adjective
meaning:involving physical strength, effort or energy
collocations:vigorous exercise

extremely/very vigorous

quite vigorous

example:Extremely vigorous exercise can increase the risk of injury and even heart attacks.

Set 2: Eating habits

comfort food

part of speech:noun
meaning:the type of food that provides a feeling of well-being, often sweet food or food that people used to eat as children
collocations:a great comfort food

to be considered (a) comfort food

example:Eating pancakes makes me happy – it’s a great comfort food.
pronunciation:/ˈkʌm.fət ˌfuːd/


part of speech:noun
meaning:the amount of food served to a person
collocations:double/generous/large portion

small/tiny portion

individual portion

a portion of (something)

divide (something) into portions

example:It’s important to add a generous portion of fruit and vegetables to every meal.


part of speech:adjective
meaning:relating to your diet
collocations:dietary habits

dietary requirement

dietary supplement

example:Dietary habits can be difficult to change.

Set 3: Health issues


part of speech:adjective
meaning:above a weight considered normal
collocations:an overweight man/woman/child

to be overweight

very/seriously overweight

a bit/a little/slightly/a few pounds overweight

example:The growing number of overweight children is very worrying.


part of speech:noun
meaning:a medical condition in which the body cannot control the level of sugar in the blood
collocations:cause diabetes

get/have diabetes

suffer from diabetes

example:The biggest problem with eating too much sugar is that it can cause diabetes.


part of speech:noun
meaning:extreme tiredness
collocations:extreme/severe fatigue

suffer from fatigue

combat/fight (off)/reduce fatigue

example:I fought off fatigue by changing my diet and exercise habits.

Set 4: Healthcare

medical insurance (also medical cover)

part of speech:noun
meaning:insurance for the cost of medical treatment
collocations:buy/have medical insurance

provide medical insurance

private medical insurance

to be without medical insurance

medical insurance policy/plan

medical insurance costs/premiums

example:I believe that a country’s government should be responsible for providing medical insurance for its citizens.
pronunciation:/ˈmed.ɪ.kəl ɪnˌʃɔː.rəns/

immunisation (US immunization)

part of speech:noun
meaning:the process of protecting a person or animal from a disease by putting a substance into the body
collocations:routine immunisation

mass immunisation

the use of immunisations

example:The topic of immunisation is a controversial one, as some people believe that the use of immunisations is linked to autism.


part of speech:noun
meaning:the process of cutting open the body to treat an injury or disease
collocations:have/undergo surgery

surgery on (part of the body)

recover from surgery

example:I was recovering from back surgery then, so I was unable to play any sports or do any kind of vigorous exercise.


Health idioms


a clean bill of healtha decision by a doctor that someone is healthyAfter months of treatment, I was given a clean bill of health by my doctor.
be back on your feetto be healthy again after a period of illnessIt didn’t take very long for her to be back on her feet again.
be (as) fit as a fiddle/fleato be healthy and strongMy grandfather is in his 90s, but he’s fit as a fiddle.