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Do not lend to anyone, and do not owe anything to them;

It is a great sin to pay interest, and today you lose money and suffer.

Do not make friends with relatives and close friends.

Do not store firewood, firewood or storage behind your home.

Close your laundry and ironing board so that you are free from anxiety and danger.

Whenever possible, keeping a horse, cow, or sheep or goat in the home is unlimited.

Do not concentrate on traveling or the whole family and think for yourself.

If a position is required, do not notify the person until it is completed.

Be sure to tell your family members of your whereabouts, and let them know where they are going.

Help those who are depressed and depressed.

When you come, forget everything you do. Encourage her. Ask him to apologize only if you have an excuse.

First of all, if you stay with God, it’s best to have your children created with a partner, so that they will not be disappointed in the future.

When you take a position of ignorance of someone who has helped, benefited, or supported you, the consequences of forgetting them in the world are sad.

Even if a person is not interested in a business, like a fertilizer does not help, the goal of violence cannot be achieved without the poison of the earth.

If a person is original in the lineage, his career will not change even if he has money.

The end of a career for selfish ends ends with no distinction.

Man sees the bad and the good in the world not only in the hereafter but also in his life.

No matter who is an official or a leader, the final assessment will be given by the people, not from the top-five.

It is a great blessing to look into people’s eyes and not to blink.

I do not believe that a man who could not calm his wife in any way could control a place.

One minute of relaxation brings a lasting regret.

Stay away from those in the congregation who are gossiping and discussing the word at home.

Two worlds where a child who can go to work in the morning and make a blessing with his parents, and when he returns, bless them and make them happy.

Save your friend from telling the shameful thing.

The person who works is looking for a job.

Do not approach a man who is always upset and angry.

It is a sign of courage and nobleness, when one can behave in any way.

It is a betrayal of a family to value someone who is trying to discredit your family or loved ones.

If Allah intended to punish His servant, He would first have the mind.

Disguise is a mentor to the foolish.

Beware of a child who prides himself on looking at his parents’ eyes.

Everything is fine, and the consequences of wasting are unpleasant.

God punished man with the pain of pursuing happiness.

In times of hard work, it is possible to evaluate a person.

Remember that there are no laughing stock when you reach the point where you are excited and irritated.

Stay close to any of your friend’s suggestions or suggestions so you know. Also visit : Zoom Property

Make a man’s clothes, his car, his home, but you know that his worries are more than yours.

Thank you so much for not only praising the so-called so-and-so and so, but also for those who admire your walk and life.

Those who are sick of jealousy, jealousy and blame others will have no good results.

Keeping your mood is like holding your faith.

May Allah keep the old man from being speechless and irritable.


Mavzuga aloqador

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